Best Android Apps of all time: 2021 edition!


Android has a very wide variety of apps but getting those really amazing and useful apps could be a hassle. There are literally hundreds of articles on the same topic but since people write it so often that you might have already missed the best-of-all-time apps. So, here I present you my favorite apps of all time till 2020. Let’s get started.

5. Network related apps: Arcai NetCut ( Requires root access) and Netshare

Netcut: Netcut is an app that lets you cut off or restrict internet access to other users on the same WiFi network. This app comes in handy in lots of situations. You might be facing slow internet problem just because some random people are always on your WiFi or sometimes even you can be restricted to use internet by some other tech savvy person. But they should have known you are always one step ahead. 😉 Netcut also acts as a defender so that another person cannot cut off your internet.

Netshare: You have always used mobile hotspot to share mobile data with others but as soon as you turn on the WiFi,mobile hotspot gets disabled. So, what if you can use hotspot with WiFi?Netshare is an app that use the WiFi direct technology to create WiFi hotspot for sharing internet and fully control and monitor your connection via WiFi direct. So, with Netshare you can easily use mobile hotspot while also using the WiFi.
But what are some use cases of Netshare?
-Netshare can be useful when you do not know the WiFi password but still want to share WiFi with others.
-It comes in handy when your room is away from the router so that you can use Netshare as a repeater i.e. to boost WiFi signals. But for this you require one extra phone just to use it as a signal booster. Maybe an old phone if you have?

Download Netcut from here:

Netshare is available on Playstore.

4. Music related apps: Shazam and SoundHound

This one is for you, audiophiles. Sometimes you hear an amazing song while travelling in public vehicle, sometimes a portion of a song plays around you but you cannot remember the song. So, you have a solution now. Shazam and SoundHound are two independent apps with similar intention of use that identify any songs within seconds just by recording a portion of the song. It comes to personal preference when you have to choose between these two but one perk of using SoundHound is that it lets you identify the song even by humming or singing it by yourself (though it is hit or miss depending upon how good of a singer you are 😛). Another great thing is that they have offline support so, you can record a song even when you’re offline and it will automatically notify you about the song once you are online. Another great feature is that you can discover related music to what you search so you maintain cohesive music taste.

Availability: Available on Playstore and Appstore.

3. Productivity related app: TickTick

TickTick is a cross-platform to-do app that helps you keep track of your tasks. TickTick can be really useful for those who have a lot of things to remember and work on but also equally useful for a normal user. TickTick helps you keep track of all the tasks, remind you about those and also synchronize across all platforms. TickTick lets you sort your tasks based upon the priority(Title Sorting,Time Sorting, Custom Sorting), and remind you when you cross the due date. TickTick also has location reminder that lets you remind anything when you arrive at the particular place. Isn’t that lovely? It also has daily alert to keep reminding you to complete your tasks. The task on TickTick can hold three kinds of information which are: Notes which you are familiar with; Comments: To let yourself know what you wanted to remember about the subject; Attachments: which can be files, documents, photos.

To instantly take note of things, you can keep a widget on home screen so that you can immediately take note and also tick the task when you are done with it without having to open the app itself. With TickTick installed on your phone, procrastination will be a dead story.
Availability: TickTick is available on Playstore, Appstore.

2. Camera app: Google Camera(GCAM)

This is an age of computational photography where the camera processing techniques and software matter equivalent to the camera hardware. So, a powerful camera software is required to capture a great photo but the camera software of different company especially in budget phones is just not good. So, to enhance a picture by a great margin Google Camera is the way to go for. In 8/10 situations Google Camera does its magic.
Stock Camera Vs Google Camera Night mode Comparison

The only downside is: Google Camera is not supported in all of the phones. Taking the majority into concern, it is well supported in phones with Snapdragon Chipset. There could be a particular version that works best with your phone. So, you need to try searching the version by specifying your phone model.

Here are some GCAM versions with phone models. Try searching for yours. If not found, just try googling it.

1. Media App: YouTube Vanced

YouTube Vanced is a modded YouTube app which has a lot of features that are not on the original YouTube app. This is my favorite from the list( of course why it tops the list 😛 ). The highly renowned and well known feature of YouTube Vanced is background play. You can use it similar to a regular music app. You can listen to a music via YouTube Vanced and also browse Instagram and Facebook at the sametime. Another great feature is the ad free video experience. With YouTube Vanced all the ads that come during the video are disabled so that you can have an undisturbed video experience. You get the feature to change it to dark mode.( I mean the amoled dark, not the dark shade of gray). Also, YouTube Vanced comes in different themes. You can even force HDR to be applied on the videos which the normal YouTube cannot do. Keep in mind that to login to your Google account you need to install another small apk which is called migroG.
Download YouTube Vanced and microG from here:

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