Internet isn’t just Facebook and Instagram.



Social media platforms like: Facebook and Instagram have been in power for a long time. The versatility of Facebook is praiseworthy but at the same time the number of irrelevant posts and controversies that it go through are just too many. Instagram may be a great platform to influencers but as a normal user you might just be killing time. To enhance your productivity, horizon of knowledge and at the same time have some fun, here I present you some platforms which you must be usng to grow yourself and to lessen the addiction of Facebook and Instagram.
Here, the list commences:

  • Reddit
    Reddit is a platform that allows its users to discuss on a certain topic. The contents on Reddit is highly niche as you can join the topic you are most interested in. For instance, if you enjoy memes the most, then there is a subreddit specifically for the memes. And you won’t see many irrelevant contents as well. You can also vote for the contents you like. This way you’ll never miss the best contents as most number of upvotes results in making the content as a Top Post. Also, to help prevent spammers, Reddit came with the idea of Karma. You’ll get karma points on the basis of upvotes you get on your content which is shown on your profile.
  • Twitter
    Twitter is a place where many celebrities like to be in. You get instant update with latest news and also there’s much interaction with the famous guys. It’s easy to use by everyone. Twitter is very authentic than other media platforms as you cannot edit a tweet once it is on the internet. It allows you to write 280 characters tweet at a time. You can include up to 4 photos, or a GIF, or a video. The love for twitter expressed by the man himself:
  • Quora
    I had Quora on my phone for a long time but I have never used it extensively. Just some spare time during quarantine 2020 made me realise how good Quora really is. Rather than asking some questions on Google and retrieving answer from any random website, Quora allows you to ask a question and request the experts on that very field to answer the question.e.g. You can ask a question related to Working at Google and a guy working at Google himself might answer the question. This process might not be instant but in conditions where you want to ask a question about life, science, maths that randomly popped on your head and even Google could not find the answer then Quora is always there for you. Authentic, practical, well-explained and reliable answer from the experts themselves are the reasons why I love Quora.
  • Medium
    Medium is a site where articles on different topics can be found. Some of the topics I really like are: Marketing, Technology, Travel, Psychology and Lifestyle. Many good articles on Medium can be accessed only when you pay for it. But why fear when I’m here?😉 Let’s learn how you can access the paid articles for free:
    – Jump to the paid article that you’d like to read
    -Click on the share icon at the bottom left.( The last one)
    -Click on copy to Clipboard option
    – The thing you copied does not only contain link but also the title of the article. So, paste it anywhere e.g. Notes app on your phone and copy only the link
    -Now, open incognito mode on Google Chrome and paste it.
    -Ta-da!!!! You did it.
  • LinkedIn
    Rather than as a fun purpose, LinkedIn is for professional use. You can develop a very good portfolio, add work experiences, work and study details and you can post your professional works there. Many companies use your profile to evaluate how good of a employee you are. You can search for jobs and also can be hired. Best of luck for that.

So, at last, limit time using Facebook and Instagram and give a try to these too.


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