Is “bigger number=better phone” the ultimate truth? The surprising world of numbers.


Photo: xda-developers

“What’s the RAM size in your smartphone?”,”12 MegaPixels is nothing, My phone’s camera is 108 MegaPixels.” Smartphone specifications have become a buzz word in modern days. But are numbers everything? Let’s take a deeper look.

To estimate the overall picture of a smartphone capacity and quality, specifications can be a good measure but in many aspects specs don’t tell the whole story. Camera, for example, is a solid place where people think bigger number=better photos. But there’s so much to it. The factors that defines picture quality ranges from the sensor size, the sensor itself and also the way post-processing is done after a picture is captured. If someone today asked me to make a Frankenstein camera model then I would choose the camera sensor from Sony, post-processing software from companies like Apple, Google and I would go for a bigger sensor with suitable megapixels.

Another place where a lot of people crave for bigger numbers is the size of RAM. Definitely, bigger size of RAM results in somewhat faster performance. But there always lies a maximum point. For instance, if your phone runs just fine at 8 gigs of RAM then going for 12 or some 16 gigs does not make much sense. Also this: “Dad I want OnePlus 8 Pro 12 GB variant to browse through instagram” does not sound much appealing. 😂 So, you need to think how much of a hardcore user you are really and buy a phone accordingly.

Similarly, let me talk a little about video resolutions. 8K? Really? Some people are looking for S20 Ultra just because it has a marketing term as video at 8K. To keep it short, 8K is not just ready. The focus is not good, the stabilization is bad. Also, there are not much displays that really take advantage of 8K. There’s no point in watching a 8K video on a 4K screen.

Now, there are places where big numbers really mean something. For example, the battery, if you are getting a choice, you must go for bigger number. The storage is also something where you have to look for a bigger number if you are thinking of using it as a long run.

But there are places where tech companies are going even for smaller numbers just for the sake of marketing. For example, the 2 MP macro camera. This is one of the places where megapixels really matter. The 2 MP macro camera in many smartphones are near to useless and you might not be using it for rest of the time you use the phone. But as long as they can keep the term “quad-camera king”, “triple-camera beast”, they’ll not drop the idea of keeping one in their phone.

So, to sum up numbers in a phone mean something but does not tell you the whole story. It’s you who must be intelligent enough to think which of them matter and which of the numbers aren’t of much importance. At last, Don’t brag about numbers!


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