Redmi Note 8 and Other Redmi Phones: The Bigger Picture


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When it comes to smartphone market in countries like India and Nepal, Xiaomi has been overtaking its competitors by a big margin for quite sometime now. Its value for money strategy is what attracts a lot of its customers. But there’s a bigger picture to it which you must see while buying one if you haven’t yet or planning to buy one. This article mostly focuses on Redmi Note 8 because I have used it extensively but in most cases same applies to all of the Redmi Phones.

This article is solely written with the intent that someday this might reach to someone who could actually fix these issues so that Redmi could shine even brighter and also to let people know. Directly diving into the topic, some of the issues I am having with Redmi Note 8 are:

-While calling screen goes black and you cannot end the call: This might be the fault on the proximity sensor but while I want to cancel the call the screen continues to be in sleep state so that I can’t cut off the call. This is definitely not a condition to let it go. This should and may get fixed in future updates.

-Can’t control volume level: While watching some media and you want to lower or raise the volume then you might face the same problem. The volume button does not seem to work. YouTube Vanced is one app that I use heavily and to change volume level on this app, first I have to click on the power button, then if I change volume level by clicking on volume rocker now it works, then I have to unlock the phone again. Pretty boring, right?

Google Assistant not working: When I used this phone first, I noticed Google Assistant didn’t come to action by the command “Hey Google” or “OK Google”. I was not the only one to get this error. This error was not because of disabling options on settings. But after some months, this has been fixed along with the notification bar problem on my phone after update but many people are still struggling with the same problem. Something to tell is that few of the time it is not still working on my phone too.

GCAM Problem: One of the reasons to go for Redmi phones is that they have great support for Google Camera. But in Redmi Note 8 many versions of GCAM keep freezing and do not work properly. But the Version 7.009 by Parrot works quite well. My only problem with this version is while taking photos (Well this line turned out to look like a joke). But keeping HDR to extreme and while capturing, for about 2 seconds after pressing shutter button the camera interface freezes. Let me mention this is not processing HDR at this time. After about 2 seconds, photo capturing starts and since HDR is set to extreme it takes about 2 more seconds to capture. Overall, it takes about 4 seconds to capture a photo. This problem doesn’t arise when HDR is off, but then picture quality is not praise worthy. Feels like those old days when people had to sit for hours to take a single shot.

– Automatic Touches: This mostly happens when battery is low. The phone automatically starts clicking anywhere on the screen like: turning on Bluetooth, closing app, opening another app, calling automatically etc. It’s same like clicking on screen without looking at it. Something worth mentioning, isn’t it?

-The traditional Redmi Problems: Along with this, there are traditional Redmi problems that people know well about Redmi.

*There’s heating issue: My phone is always heated at some degrees if not overheated.
*There are ads here and there.

Since, people already know the bright side of using Redmi phones. These were some critical points people needed to know. But also let’s talk a little about the goods.
-Redmi offers more storage and RAM to its phone than other phones at same price segment.
-The camera takes a big leap among other phones at same price.
-The speaker is absolutely good for its price.
-Wide range of features.
-Offers bigger number battery but battery drain is a bit faster.
-Face unlock and fingerprint is accurate and fast.
– Design looks premium for its price.

So, Does the good things overpower the bad aspects or are the downsides a big deal for you? Think wisely and buy.


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