Genius of Elon Musk's Marketing strategy.

Elon Musk is one of the most intelligent, hardworking masterminds who is considered as a real life Tony Stark persona. Besides his talent, he is equally famous for his controversial tweets now and then. His controversial remarks make him more hyped everyday. 

Not one man can simply create an empire of success. There goes a lot of work and dedication to it. Tesla, SpaceX, Starlink, SolarCity, OpenAI, Hyperloop and this might not even be the full list. During the initial days, the intention of Tesla was to make people believe that Electric Vehicles could become a thing and can compete with gasoline vehicles. It was not thought that someday Tesla would be the most valuable automaker. And fast forward to 2020, Tesla overtakes Toyota to become the most valuable automaker giving it a market capitalization of $207.2 billion , surpassing Toyota's $201.9 billion. But a small part of the success also goes to his marketing strategy because either it's good or bad, he creates a win-win situation.

Let's breakdown some of his marketing strategies and how he creates controversial remarks and let media do other things. 

1. Tesla's S3XY Lineup

By now you might have heard about it or noticed it. The naming of these cars singly does not seem anything special but when combined you might have noticed a pattern. Yes, Elon Musk is a savage. 

2. Tesla CyberTruck Design and Demo Failure

On November 21st when Elon Musk revealed the design of the New CyberTruck the internet divided into two groups. Either they liked it or did not like, there was no in between. Unlike the design of a typical truck, this was way different. So, it was really hard for people to love it at the first impression. CyberTruck made it to a lot of memes, news and media. In addition, during the launch of CyberTruck, the durability test did not perform as expected. The truck's windows shattered during a demonstration to show how hard it was to break. Pretty bad luck, right? Well, not that much.

CyberTruck memes were all over the internet

The media coverage of this news was very high meaning this became a free promotion of their new vehicle. As a result, Just within a couple of days of launch, on November 26, the cybertruck pre-order count reached 250k.  He also said that the orders had been placed despite "no advertising and no paid endorsements". This is what I meant by win-win situation. 

3. Open Source Philosophy

Musk is very much inclined towards making the world better for everyone. In order to do it, he wants everyone to contribute. So, he makes some of his projects like: Tesla's patent pledge and Hyperloop open source. By doing so, on one hand he is allowing the market to grow and improve rapidly but on the other hand he is being benefited from it as everyone is using the technology developed by his company.

4. Anti-Advertisement Strategy

Elon Musk sticks to the principle of no advertisement. It is reported that Tesla spends $6 per car for advertisement. That is a negligible number in comparison to its competitor car manufacturing companies. Even with that, Tesla Model 3 continues to sell three times the rate of its competitor BMW 3 Series. 

However, Elon Musk has a huge fan following (36.5M followers while writing this article) on Twitter. And he advertises and promotes like crazy through his account. By not spending much on advertisement, they could actually lower the price of cars that they sell. 

5. Actually deliver value for money

Say anything, All the companies Elon Musk is associated to are world-class. They deliver the best with the price the customer pay which is actually the strongest point to refer other to buy the same product. Obviously, Elon Musk is not in the race to create another Facebook or media platform. He is trying to change the world and for that he pours his knowledge wherever necessary. With all the knowledge, intelligence, dedication he is ultimately making something that is top-notch and easy to recommend.

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