NEB Grade 12 Chemistry Full Handwritten Note.



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These are notes written by me when I was in Grade 12. I have you will be benefitted from it. Chapters mentioned below are included in this note. For Organic Chemistry, I shall upload that in a different section. For now, you can access notes of Physical Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry. These chapters are in agreement with the syllabus prescribed by the officials in Nepal. It can be equally important for everyone else who has taken chemistry as a subject. 

1. Physical Chemistry

    1.a: Volumetric Analysis

    1.b: Ionic Equilibrium

    1.c: Electrochemistry

    1.d: Energetics of Chemical Reaction

    1.e: Chemical Thermodynamics

    1.f: Chemical Kinetics

2. Inorganic Chemistry

    2.a: Heavy Metals

    2.b:Coinage Metals

        2.b.i: Copper 

        2.b.ii: Silver

        2.b.iii: Gold

    2.c: Zinc and Mercury 

    2d: Iron

    2.e: Tin and Lead

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