Get over 3 LAKHS worth of Development Tools and Learning Materials for FREE!

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GitHub has been providing materials for students for quite a long time. Recently, they have upped the game and doubled the resources you can get as a college student. This includes a long list of items. Personally, I feel you should not miss this opportunity as you can be benefitted from one way or the other if not all. Programming and learning to code are some of the most needed skills at this time and it's a must-have skill for everyone. GitHub provides a lot to help you learn to code. Apart from coding, it heavily includes other features too. Let me mention some of them.

1. Canva
You get a free 12-month subscription to Canva's Pro tier.

2. 1-year domain name registration on the .me TLD.

3. Microsoft Azure
Access to Microsoft Azure cloud services and learning resources – no credit card required. Free access to 25+ Microsoft Azure cloud services plus $100 in Azure credit.

4. 1 free year of .com domain registration, 1 free year of Advanced Security (SSL, privacy protection, and more).

5. GitHub Pro
Free GitHub Pro while you are a student.

6. Free .tech domain
One standard .TECH domain free for 1 year and 2 free email accounts with 100 MB free storage.

Free access to all interactive courses and cloud computing environments for 12 months.

8. ATOM: A hackable text editor for the 21st century
Open Source by GitHub, free for everyone.

Connect to the world of blockchains through Blockchair’s professional APIs — supports most major cryptocurrencies. 100,000 free requests. 

10. DailyBot
Automate daily stand-ups, follow-ups, retrospectives, surveys and feedback for your team. DailyBot Business plan free for 10 users for 6 months.

11. SOFY
SOFY automates your software testing, uses machine learning to create tests, suggests test scenarios based on product changes, customer usage data and runs at scale. 6 months of free website and mobile app testing.

12. astra
Security suite for your website - firewall, malware scanner & managed bug bounty platform. 6-month access to website firewall & malware scanner.

Note: This is not even a full list. You will get a lot more in addition to this. I just pointed it out just to let you know how much you can get. 

How to apply?

1. To apply, simply CLICK HERE. Choose student benefits. It may ask you to log in. If you don't have a GitHub account, you can simply create one. 

2. You will require a college email in order to get the pack. Using a regular email denied my application twice in a row. So, I feel this is a must-have. But the good news is most of you who are reading it already have one. Due to the pandemic, you might be taking classes from Microsoft Teams. To log in to Microsoft Teams, your college might have given you a college email. You can use that email here. To confirm your email, Go to and use your college email and password. You will find a verification code there. Enter this verification code and your email will be added. 

3. In addition to your email, you require a college-issued letter. This is because up to my application time not many people have applied with the college email having the same domain as mine. So you require a college-issued letter. But as many people start applying, this step will be optional. But as of this time, this step is necessary.

After doing these all, it will take a maximum of 1 month to verify your application and if it gets approved, you will be highly benefitted as a college student. So, I recommend you try it. 

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