One Super Useful YouTube Channel for Civil and Mechanical Engineers!



Photo by Azamat E on Unsplash

Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering are related to each other in many aspects. These subjects mostly deal with natural phenomena and forces, so relatively these should be easy engineering branches but most of the students find them difficult. I want to suggest a YouTube channel that is worth checking for Civil and Mechanical Engineers. 

What type of Channel is this and What to expect from this channel?

Straightforward what I would like to tell you is that this is not a channel that solves engineering problems from your coursebook and gives solutions. Rather this channel gives you concepts on different topics. Through 3-D visualization, the videos are super interesting, fun, and knowledgeable. I was surprised to see how a single 10 minutes of video cleared many of my doubts and I thought you could be benefitted from this channel. So, I wanted to share. Let me put the channel name below along with the link. Just click on the name to redirect to the channel. 

The channel name is:

  The Efficient Engineer 

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